Envoy Tentative Agreement made on June 21, 2019

On June 21, CWA's bargaining team reached a tentative agreement (TA) with Envoy. Now it's time to get informed about the TA and vote on ratification. Agents who've signed a CWA membership card will vote on whether or not to approve the agreement. We will share information about the voting timeline and process here and at our Facebook page. Click here to sign up for email and text updates.

JANUARY 24, 2019


Thanks to your continued support, we were able to make significant progress on the remaining issues during bargaining last week. On January 24, our bargaining team reached a tentative contract agreement (TA) with Envoy.

We showed the company we're united and willing to fight for our rights. We spoke out about poverty pay and unsafe working conditions. Over 1,000 agents contacted Doug Parker, passed out flyers and held rallies. Our calls to Congress led elected leaders to stand with us and demand better from Envoy. Those actions and more were the reason we were able to get this tentative agreement.

Agents who have signed a CWA membership card will vote whether or not to approve the agreement. We will share information about the voting timeline and process soon.

Click here to review a summary of the TA. We will be updating the Envoy Agents website frequently with more information about the agreement, a schedule of station meetings with members of the bargaining team and information about the voting process.

We are holding a town hall call with the bargaining team on Thursday, January 31, at 8pm EST so that you can learn more about the tentative agreement and get your questions answered.

RSVP for the call by filling out the form here, or by texting EnvoyCall to 69866.

We'll call you shortly before the call begins to connect you.

This agreement represents the hard work of our bargaining team and every member who stood up for a fair deal and the bargaining committee supports the agreement. Together we will keep fighting for a better future at Envoy.


 Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Envoy committee from January 3-February 2. Your CWA Bargaining Committee passed a comprehensive proposal including all articles not agreed to previously: Leaves of Absence, Furlough, Uniforms, Holidays, Vacations, Training, Sick Leave, Wages and Benefits, as well as a new wage proposal. The Envoy committee passed a counter proposal on Sick Leave, training, Furlough, Holiday, and Overtime. During the next three days there was discussion back and forth on all of these articles. We are very close on several additional articles, but the company needs to get more information on current policies in order to come to an agreement. We made a lot of progress on the articles that are still on the table. Your CWA Bargaining Committee and Envoy reached agreements on Holiday, Furlough and Recall, and Leaves of Absence. The company was very interested in the Piedmont Tentative Agreement reached on January 26. We feel we made progress because of members’ active engagement in mobilization activities and because the company would like to follow Piedmont’s example and settle. Our next bargaining session is March12-15. Envoy will provide a comprehensive package at that meeting.